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Lake County HHW

type: HH

Lake County HHW
13130 County Landfill Road
Tavares, FL 32778
Lake County
Phone: (352) 343-3776
GPS: 28.761624, -81.742615
Facility Type:

  • Household Hazardous Waste Collection Center

Many items used regularly around the house may contain substances that may explode, catch fire, or be toxic. These items include paint, pool chemicals, and many other products. Household hazardous waste is collected at the Household Chemical Collection Center. This service is for residential waste and is free to residents of Lake County.

Household Hazardous Waste Center 13130 County Landfill Road, County Road 561 Household Hazardous Waste Items: Paint Motor Oil Gasoline Propane tanks Antifreeze Car batteries Household batteries (including rechargeable) Lawn chemicals Pesticides Fluorescent light bulbs Aerosol cans Pool chemicals

Whenever possible, it is recommended the item is kept in its original container. If the container is leaking, put it in a new container. Please mark any unlabeled containers. Transport household hazardous waste in the rear of the vehicle and do not store in the vehicle for extended periods. For more information, call (352) 343-3776.

Tips for handling Household Hazardous Products

* Always read and follow directions on the container * Keep hazardous products away from children, pets, food products, and sources of heat * Keep waste in the original container, unless it leaks or will not close * Use a proper container(heavy plastic) that will seal * Make sure the container has a label to identify the contents * Transport hazardous waste in the rear of your vehicle * Do not store hazardous waste in the vehicle for extended periods * Find alternatives, less toxic items to use * Properly dispose of hazardous waste items

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