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Lena Road Landfill

type: L1

Lena Road Landfill
3333 Lena Road
Bradenton, FL 34221
Manatee County
Phone: 941-748-5543
Facility Contact: Mr. Mike Gore
GPS: 27.469859, -82.458701
Facility Type:

  • Type 1 Landfill
  • Tire Processing Facility

Manatee County's landfill is located south of State Road 64, 1 mile east of I-75 at 3333 Lena Road. General Tipping Fee: $36 per ton ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Holiday Closings The landfill will be closed on the following holidays. New Year's Day President's Day Fourth of July Memorial Day Labor Day Thanksgiving Day Christmas Day (actual date subject to change) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Residential Disposal Area The County landfill recommends that all potential customers planning to dispose of something other than Household Hazardous Waste do so by truck. Vehicles with low ground clearance are discouraged. Please note that customers enter the landfill at their own risk and Manatee County is not responsible for any damage incurred while using the landfill. Customer charges will be double the regular tipping fee should your load be improperly covered. Loads must be tarped and fully contained to eliminate the possiblity of load loss while traveling to the Landfill. Regular operating hours are Monday-Saturday 8:00-5:00. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Odor Control To comply with Federal and State regulations, the Manatee County Landfill flares off the methane gas that is generated by decomposing wastes. This process has virtually eliminated all of the Landfill's odor as well as provides cleaner air. Currently Manatee County is exploring the idea of harnessing the gas to produce electricity for its neighboring Wastewater Treatment Plant. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Discarded Tires Old unwanted tires are kept separated at the Manatee County Landfill, then transported to a Waste Energy Facility. For more information, call the County Landfill at 748-5543. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Yard Waste Yard Waste collected at curbside, along with landscape business trimmings, are delivered to a separate area at the Manatee County Landfill where it is processed, then marketed to a waste energy facility. For information, call 748-5543. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Scrap Metal Scrap metal is separated from other solid waste and is marketed for recycling. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Items Containing Freon All refrigerators, air conditioners, freezers, and any other items containing Freon are stored in a separate area until the Freon has been removed. Then it is staged in the scrap area to be recycled. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Items with a Motor All old worn out lawn mowers, and other items with motors brought to the Manatee County Landfill are placed in a separate area where the oil, gasoline, and/or batteries are removed and then they are staged in the scrap area to be recycled. Boats should have motors, gas tanks, and batteries removed before being brought to the Landfill. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Lead-Acid Batteries Lead and/or Acid Batteries are prohibited from disposal in solid waste landfills. For more information call 798-6761. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Household Hazardous Waste Do you have any of these items just lying around your house and don't know how to dispose of them properly? You can bring them out to the Household Hazardous Waste Collection free of charge at the Manatee County Landfill. The collection site is open on the 3rd Saturday of each month, from 9:00 - 3:00 for residential use only. For more information call 941-798-6761. Here's a list of just a few items: Aerosols - Ammunition - Antifreeze - Automotive Batteries - Camping Lighter Fuel - Flares - Fluorescent Lamps - Gasoline - Herbicides - Household Insecticides - Latex Oil Base Paint - Mercury Containing Devices - Oil Filters - Paint Thinners - Waste Oil. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Fuel Tanks Changing your home heating fuel system over to Central Air and Heat and need to know how to dispose of that old fuel and tank properly? Call 798-6761 for information on proper disposal. What do you do with small and large, old, unwanted propane gas tanks? You can bring them to the Household Hazardous Waste Collection, at the Manatee County Landfill.

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