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Winfield Solid Waste

type: L3

Winfield Solid Waste
Oosterchoudt Rd, W of US 41
Lake City, FL 32055
Columbia County
Phone: (386) 752-6050
Facility Contact: Mr. William Lycan
GPS: 30.255556, -82.708334
Facility Type:

  • Type 3 Landfill

Dumping Fees:

 Class I

Residential Household Garbage, Commercial Garbage, Empty & Hardened Paint/Fiberglass cans/buckets and Aerosol cans

Minimum Charge: less than 20 lbs:  

$42.00 per ton
$ 1.00 flat fee

Class III

Construction & Demolition Debris, shingles, brick Concrete, wood, asphalt, yard trash, rubbish, and furniture.

Minimum Charge: less than 60 lbs:  

 $28.00 per ton
 $ 1.00 flat fee
Asbestos: Friable or Non-Friable
Requires 24hr notice to the Solid Waste Department Generators Waste Manifest, Double Bagged in 6ml Bags.
 $180.00 per ton

White Goods & Scrap Metal

Appliances and scrap metals from:

Individual Residential Households only:

 No Charge
 $28.00 per ton

Brown Goods

Electronic Goods,Cathode Ray Tubes found in TV's, Hot Water Heaters, All Computer Components, Microwaves and Conventional Type Ovens.  $70.00 per ton


Whole light truck / passenger type tires (Bulk)  $115.00 per ton
Whole tires less than 4  $ 1.50 each
Commercial Trucks /Heavy Equipment tires  $115.00 per ton
Any other waste materials deposit of which will entail additional or unusual labor requirements from Solid Waste Employees $  5.00 per ton

Special Waste
As provided by Resolution No. 96-R11

It is the policy of Columbia County that waste other than normal Class I or Class III waste, as determined by the Solid Waste Director requires calling the Solid Waste Department at (386)752-6050 prior to disposal.

Prohibited Waste Not Accepted:

  • Automobile Gas Tanks
  • Any Free Flowing Liquids
  • Any Hazardous/Toxic Waste

Residential Household Paints, Pesticides and Chemicals:  
Small quantities of paint and chemicals are accepted from individual residential households only no businesses to include latex or oil based paint, household pesticides or cleaners in 1 gallon containers or smaller at a rate of $75.00 per ton. These items are placed in a storage area until such time a Hazardous Waste Contractor comes in and inventories packages and ships to a Hazardous Waste Facility.

Waste Collection Contractor:
Columbia County administers the contract for your curbside collection through a company known as Waste Pro, which provides for once (1) a week pickup for household garbage, and yard waste. Be sure that your items are at the curb by 7:00 A.M. on your collection day.

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