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Winfield Solid Waste

Winfield Solid Waste
Oosterchoudt Rd, W of US 41
Lake City, FL 32055
Columbia County
Phone: (386) 752-6050
Facility Contact: Mr. William Lycan
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GPS: 30.255556, -82.708334
Facility Type:

  • Type 3 Landfill

The Winfield Solid Waste Facility will be closed on the following holidays for 2010

New Years Monday, January 1, 2010
Memorial Day Monday, May 31, 2010
Labor Day Monday, September 6, 2010
Thanksgiving Thursday, November 25, 2010
New Years Saturday, January 1, 2011

The Winfield Solid Waste Facility will be open on the following 1st Saturdays of each month for 2010.
February 6thAugust 7th
March 6thSeptember 4th
April 3rdOctober 2nd
May 1stNovember 6th
June 5thDecember 4th
July 3rd

Dumping Fees:

 Class I

Residential Household Garbage, Commercial Garbage, Empty & Hardened Paint/Fiberglass cans/buckets and Aerosol cans

Minimum Charge: less than 20 lbs:  

$42.00 per ton
$ 1.00 flat fee

Class III

Construction & Demolition Debris, shingles, brick Concrete, wood, asphalt, yard trash, rubbish, and furniture.

Minimum Charge: less than 60 lbs:  

 $28.00 per ton
 $ 1.00 flat fee
Asbestos: Friable or Non-Friable
Requires 24hr notice to the Solid Waste Department Generators Waste Manifest, Double Bagged in 6ml Bags.
 $180.00 per ton

White Goods & Scrap Metal

Appliances and scrap metals from:

Individual Residential Households only:

 No Charge
 $28.00 per ton

Brown Goods

Electronic Goods,Cathode Ray Tubes found in TV's, Hot Water Heaters, All Computer Components, Microwaves and Conventional Type Ovens.  $70.00 per ton


Whole light truck / passenger type tires (Bulk)  $115.00 per ton
Whole tires less than 4  $ 1.50 each
Commercial Trucks /Heavy Equipment tires  $115.00 per ton
Any other waste materials deposit of which will entail additional or unusual labor requirements from Solid Waste Employees $  5.00 per ton

Special Waste
As provided by Resolution No. 96-R11

It is the policy of Columbia County that waste other than normal Class I or Class III waste, as determined by the Solid Waste Director requires calling the Solid Waste Department at (386)752-6050 prior to disposal.

Prohibited Waste Not Accepted:

  • Automobile Gas Tanks
  • Any Free Flowing Liquids
  • Any Hazardous/Toxic Waste

Residential Household Paints, Pesticides and Chemicals:  
Small quantities of paint and chemicals are accepted from individual residential households only no businesses to include latex or oil based paint, household pesticides or cleaners in 1 gallon containers or smaller at a rate of $75.00 per ton. These items are placed in a storage area until such time a Hazardous Waste Contractor comes in and inventories packages and ships to a Hazardous Waste Facility.

Waste Collection Contractor:
Columbia County administers the contract for your curbside collection through a company known as Waste Pro, which provides for once (1) a week pickup for household garbage, and yard waste. Be sure that your items are at the curb by 7:00 A.M. on your collection day.

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